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    Nikon’s Philosophy

    Nikon has maintained an unwavering commitment to the study of light with the corporate philosophy, “Trustworthiness and Creativity”. But today, as we become ever more global, what is the true value that we have to offer? To answer this all-important question, in 2007, we enacted “Our Aspirations — Meeting needs. Exceeding expectations.” as the new vision to create a new Nikon.

    Our Philosophy:Trustworthiness & Creativity  Our Aspirations:Meeting needs. Exceeding expectations.   Our Commitments:Be pro-active, Seek new knowledge, Communicate well, Display integrity

    Trustworthiness & Creativity

    Our corporate philosophy of “Trustworthiness & Creativity” — simple words that are not easily put into practice. These important words represent unchanging principles to which we will always be dedicated.

    Our Aspiration

    “Our Aspirations” mean not only to meet the needs of customers but also to provide customers with new value that exceeds their expectations. “Meeting needs. Exceeding expectations.” is our vision for the future. - Providing customers with new value that exceeds their expectations. - Sustaining growth through a break with the past and a passionate commitment by one and all. - Maximizing our understanding of light to lead the way towards transformation and a new future. - Maintaining integrity in order to contribute to social prosperity.

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